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HELP PLEASE!! Several ?'s

Posted by cheryl on June 01, 1999 at 14:50:25:

ok finally got tired of being tired and overweight

i turned 30 and started going all to hell now at 32 I want my body back I'm a 5'9" F, 32,194lbs. I'm lucky I guess cause I still got my curves they are just more ample than before and I've developed a pot belly.ok so to make a long story short I've decided to take the bull by the horns and have been busting my butt trying to get rid of some of this flab heres what I've been doing the past six weeks

power walking at a 4% grade at 3.8 - 4.1 MPH for 25 -30 minutes,then go work out on the machines doing as many reps as i can (mainly the sitting ab machine I do about 200 of them at 45lb weights attached) crunches i do about 3 sets of 15 straight on then 3 sets on the side for each,ect ect you get the pic I do the weight machines for about 45 minutes then go back to the tread mill and do another bout of the powerwalk for another 25 im doing this at least 6 times a week and im watching what I'm eating so how come I've only lost 3 freaking lbs.?????????

I started taking xenadrine two weeks ago thats when i lost the 3 lbs ,I might add, I also take Vitamin E,B-6,B-12,Ginger root ,Chronium picolinate,asprin,and Kelp.

I am going to a reunion in 15 days my plan was to lose 20 lbs by then( meaning when i started 6 weeks ago)

please what am i doing wrong>????

now another question

any info on Apple Cider Vinegar Caps as a weightloss aid?

I'm trying to do this the right way by diet and exercise but hell I'm getting discouraged here.

another Question is, is xenadrine a drug that would show up on a work drug test? there are no warnings on the label that might be of danger to a work enviroment but I surely dont want to

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