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Upper Chest

Posted by Susie on April 09, 19101 at 12:00:21:

In Reply to: order posted by Jim on April 08, 19101 at 19:37:36:

You have a lot of exercises listed there, but you didn't mention any reps and sets scheme. Sometimes less is more. Pick three exercises and perform these with low reps heavy weight. Give at least 7 days before working your chest again. Then pick another two to three exercises and perform those for that week. Shocking the muscles is sometimes needed. One week concentrate on upper chest, the following week do flat bench work. Cable crossovers and flys are great to finish or to warmup before any bench work.
Give it time, some muscles responds a little slower, than others. Concentrate on compound movements for size gains.

My brother had the same problem but after two years of training his upper chest finally started to fill out.


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