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Bowflex 800 number

Posted by FJ on May 29, 1999 at 03:06:24:

Greetings - Please tell me what Bowflex's 800 number for the USA is. I'm looking at Bowflex because I need a machine that:

1) won't fall apart like a body by Jake did.
2) doesn't require hundreds of pounds of weights (you pay for those weights again when you pay a moving company to move the crap).
3) doesn't require a spotter
4) doesn't take over the house. If I can't fit it into a reasonable space, then I might as well forget it.
5) permits exercises on both upper and lower body. It's clear on commercials that it can work the upper body, but I don't recall whether it is useful for calf/quads/hamstrings and inner/outer thigh.

I'm also not looking to the machine for cardio work specifically; I do that through running/walking.

Is Bowflex a piece of overpriced crap?
Is there anyway to try one out? Do they come to Malls and set up tryout sessions?
How's it feel? Is it a good workout or do the tension rods feel too strange? I tried a rubber band machine once and hated the feel of it. I've used weights (free, nautilus, universal, etc.) primarily before -- how's bowflex compare to those in terms of intensity and strength buildng?

Thank You for your info.

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