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Similar to Ab Dolly machine

Posted by Arthur on April 05, 19101 at 17:49:04:

In Reply to: abs posted by Jenn on April 04, 19101 at 22:33:03:

I am trying to find a name/PH# or website for abdominal equipment that I viewed on a televison infomercial. This AB exerciser is very similar to the AB Dolly 2 but more advanced. The difference is in the construction. The apparatus which allows you the same movements as the ab dolly and similar in design has one several noticable enhancements. For one, it seperates in half...this allows for a wider range of exercises without the extra bulk and cost of purchasing another dolly. Also the design of the knee rest is heavily constructed to also have support behind the ankles...which is a big plus. If anyone has any information please let me know....

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