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Bow Flex

Posted by Anthony L. Weeks on March 12, 19101 at 18:45:44:

In Reply to: Even more bowflex questions posted by Donnie on March 11, 19101 at 19:18:39:

Hi ,I highly recomend the bowflex.I had one and it was so convenient because it contained every crucial exercise for getting into shape.The resistence is great and you can move from exercise to exercise smoothly and quickly.It also will never become obsolete for as long as you live because every exercis is right for the human body.One could concievably even get quite big if enough intensity and effort was applied but the thing is that an extreme amount is not neccessary.Just leave it up and pump of as many reps as you can on whatever exercise you want when you can and after awhile youl get some good results.The top of the line one is best and the payments are very good.Its not boring either.Theres just something about the design that makes it cool to use.It's a very natural activity wich is what you want.

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