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How can I jump higher?

Posted by Bruce on March 08, 19101 at 11:03:27:

In Reply to: I got a good program posted by Dustin on October 12, 19100 at 12:51:32:

I am a 290 lb. offensive lineman, and I have improved my vertical from 28" to 36.5". The best way to increase your vertical jump is to strenghten the white muscles in your body called fast twitch muscle fibers. These are the muscles responsible for such explosive movements as the vertical and broad jump. The best way to strengthen these muscles is by performing plyometric exercises. Power cleans, tuck jumps, and box jumps are three very effective methods of improving explosiveness. However, you must be very careful when performing plyometric exercises. As a large athlete I absorbe a lot of force while performing plyo-exercises, so I always follow these rules: 1) Always land on a mat while performing box or tuck jumps. 2) Allow enough rest time for full recovery. Each rep should be your best effort. Box jumps can be very dangerous if your jumps are inconsistent.

Here is a typical leg routine of mine (adjust your weights to what you feel comfortable with):

warmup for 10 minutes, or until you are sweating, on a bike, precor, or stairmaster

stretch for 15 minutes
-hamstrings, quadricepts, hip-flexors, lower back, inner-thighs

power clean

132 x 8
198 x 6
220 x 4
264 x 2
286 x 1

front squat

132 x 8
198 x 6
220 x 5
3 x 30" box jump
264 x 4
3 x 42" box jump
286 x 2
3 x 42" box jump

walk lunges
3 x 10 with 90 lbs.

stretch deadlifts
3 x 8 with 90 lbs.

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