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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder


Posted by stephan whalen on February 12, 19101 at 09:01:10:

In Reply to: ex-sprinter. I'm trying to get my body back. posted by Loren on February 11, 19101 at 18:35:50:


1- be sure to do complete lower body weight training exercises...emphasise higher reps (20 instead of 12) lower wieght.
---don't buy into the heavy lifting/squats hype...if you bulk up your lower body, you may not like the results.
2- use cardio equipment for a warm-up and after each sure to emphasisize machines that work legs & butt.
3- try to bike, walk for transportation as much as possible.
4- your diet...well, not much to go on. most of us don't even realize how far off our diets are from a natural, well balanced diet with less meat, low to no dairy and greater raw vegetavbles and fruits.

good luck.

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