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ex-sprinter. I'm trying to get my body back.

Posted by Loren on February 11, 19101 at 18:35:50:

this is my dilemma. I am an ex-sprinter that used to have pretty damn good body. I don't sprint or run anymore for competition but mainly for fitness. I also play netball twice a week, which is a 40 min game. I try to run at least everyday but my work schedule sometimes won't allow it but when i do i alternate between 25 mins, 30mins, 35mins, 40mins, 45mins runs respectively and back down again by 5min lots....if i can! i do all weight work , gym work, lunges, stretchs etc as i did when i was competing. Now you would think with all that, that i would be either 1) maitaining my weight or 2) maintaining my weight without further muscle gain/definition. Well its not happening. I am gaining weight, gaining visible fat ( mainly around my upper thigh at the back, the butt anf mostly the lower abbs). I can understand the weight gain from the "muscle weighs more than fat" issue as my legs seem to be cutting up as usual but the visible fat gain..? I have a fair idea thats its my eating. i have the same diet as what i did when i was competing yet i guess i'm not burning as much. the thing is i have been on this type of eating plan since i was 14 ( i'm 21) and its kinda hard to break. IDEAS?

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