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Building upper body

Posted by Jonathan on February 01, 19101 at 21:17:47:

I am in the Air Force, working as a maintenance tech on missile sites. I don't have a whole lot of time to go to the gym, as I am usually gone from base for two days at a time in the field, usually 16 hour days. I do sort of get a workout while I am in the field, because we have to raise and lower equipment. This is done by hand with a rope, up and down a 35 foot shaft. Some of the equipment is rather heavy, about 60 or 70 pounds. Basically what I want to know is this: How do I supplement these "field workouts" with gym time to build upper body strength and mass? I am seeing some definite improvement in my lats, but that is about it. Also, meals are difficult while I am working. I almost never have time to actually sit and eat a full meal. My work schedule is usually Monday-Tuesday, and Thursday. I have the other days off. What can you recommend for meals that is easy to pack, and very quick to prepare? I have access to a microwave while I am out there, but that is about it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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