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buttocks and abs

Posted by Costa on January 30, 19101 at 16:58:34:

In Reply to: slim posted by jyothirmayee on January 29, 19101 at 08:32:09:

Here are a few:

-lie flat on stomach, lift one leg up at a time off the ground, about 6 inches. Hold it for a couple of seconds and release. Do it again with the same leg about 30 times and switch to the other leg. Do about 4 sets, and this is something you can do everynight. This will tone up the buttocks and somewhat the back of the leg.
-as for the abs, you can do as many exercises as you want, but if you don't watch what you eat, you can forget about it. It takes a serious diet, lots of cardio, and a good workout routine for the abs to get them showing.

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