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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder

"Spot Reducing"

Posted by Nicolle on January 24, 19101 at 10:58:02:

Now I know that is a "myth". However, I have been
weight training and cutting back on cardio (on the
advice of a former Personal Trainer)to try to keep
my physique without being so dependent on more and more

But lately, my lower body, abs, butt, quads, saddlebags seem
to be getting bigger and bigger. I do the many small meals a day,
trying not to eat after 8pm though and am a vegetarian (get
adequate protein ..blah blah blah)..

I need to know if stepping up cardio is the way to go but
how do I keep my lean muscle mass without adding
bulk to my legs?

I keep hearing how it is a myth that women can get too much
bulk yet I know women, like me, who do get bulky on no supplements and
not too much protein. I like the 10.5" biceps ok, but I want
the legs to get smaller. The problem is, I can lift up to 200 pounds
on a seated press (100 pounds on the leg sled) easily, even after taking

Will doing less weight and more reps make any difference at all?

I want to lean up the saddle bags and the butt (and hamstrings directly
beneath it) without compromising my lean muscle or the ability to burn
fat without working out 6 days a week, 5 of them an hour of cardio...

Please give me some suggestions!

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