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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder

Sounds good.

Posted by Ryan on December 31, 19100 at 15:27:42:

In Reply to: work out posted by soda on December 31, 19100 at 14:43:52:

I've found variety to be the key.
Variety in diet. Variety in excercises.
If you keep it fresh you're more inclined to stick with it.
What you've listed above sounds fine to me - I'm no Dr. though.
For cardiovascular training (i.e. your eliptical m/c) you want train in a range where your heart rate is at about 70-80% of your theorhectical max. for no less than 20 minutes at a time, 3+ times/week. 220 minus your age would give you a fair idea of what your max. heart rate is.
I think you should also think about integrating some resistance training (i.e. weight lifting) into your programme too. Aerobic excerise and a sensible diet will certainly help you shed excess fat, but "sculpting" is what the weights allow.
Lastly, don't overdo it! Listen to your body first and foremost. If you're tired, take it easy for a day (or take a day off completely).
Stick with it and you'll do fine. You'll find everyone and their brother has got their own advice to offer. Mine would be to try and educate yourself as much as possible and make up your own mind. Good luck!

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