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Dumbell Squats

Posted by Gary on December 29, 19100 at 17:46:29:

In Reply to: Thanks Gary posted by Jancita on December 28, 19100 at 07:15:16:

Not equally good. But quite good and very safe for beginners.
See the demo here:

Do not move as fast as the person is moving in the demo :)

For getting more suggestions you can email me at - I have some more good pointers for you that I cannot mention here.

The reason behind leg press hitting your legs (quadriceps) is your feet might be close to each other. Place them wider than shoulder width and bring the knees back closer to the body (almost touching stomach). But never lock your knees when your legs are extended.

Normally people place their legs shoulder width apart on the leg press machine. Less width hits quadriceps/legs and more width hits gluteus/butts.

Yet another exercise for butts is:

dumbell lunge...

You may find this another site good too for exercise demo:,3124,,00.html

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