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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder


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A major cause of gyno/male breast is higher body fat %. If your body fat % is below 15%, you might have excess estrogen. Whats your age, height/weight and body fat % ?

If you do have higher levels of estrogen (get it examined), indole carbinol would surely help. Its also popular for precaution against breast cancer. I have known bodybuilders eating broccoli before workouts just to block aromatization of testosterone released after workouts to estrogen. Broccoli has anti-oxidant vitamins too.

Following substances are claimed to block estrogen:
Indole carbinol
Phytosterol and beta sitosterol
phyto estrogen (soy isoflavones in soy milk)

Website for buying indole carbinol:
Other ways to reduce gyno are:
- liposuction/surgery
- too many push ups every day
- lots of aerobics and low calorie diet to burn body fat (and probably unwanted breast tissue)

If you choose to see a doctor, try to find some nice and experienced doctor. There are some prescription medicines for estrogen therapy.

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