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1 muscle once a week is enough

Posted by Beginner on December 05, 19100 at 13:22:42:

In Reply to: Is my routine too much? posted by Brick on December 05, 19100 at 05:25:28:

Only 1 whole body workout per week is recommended. Keep varying type of exercises and intensity to surprise your body and break plateus.
I was ignoring my lower body and doing them only once a week. I noticed the largest gain in lower body muscles after few months. Starting from an empty 45lb bar squats, I jumped to 2x 45lb bars on each sides (180lb added weight) in just 3months.

My max bench press had added only 1x 25lb weights on each side (50lb added weight). So I started taking more rest and doing upper body only once a week too (split into 2-3 days). Split is just to make sure intensity is high and sessions are within an hour. Now my bench press has climbed to 1x 45lb weights on each side in just 1month! Squats are making slow/steady progress.
I am a beginner at weight training, so not to laugh at these statistics. And of course I am small-medium frame/size and short-medium height (5'8", 145lb).

Most big bodybuilders, including those at my gym and my personal trainer himself -- workout their whole body only once a week. Since leg muscles take a week for full recovery/rebuilding, I minimized aerobic activities to avoid over training.

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