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alternatives to a rounder butt

Posted by Good on November 30, 19100 at 16:56:00:

In Reply to: Makes me laugh posted by Ben on November 28, 19100 at 18:06:12:

Leg presses and squats are good. But perfect form is the key. Use light weights until you get your form down pat. DO NOT be afraid to add weight. The more more weight you can handle, the more muscle you put on. The more muscle you put on the, the more toned your legs and buttocks become. You should also add lunges to the work out. Lunges will give you that round shape that you are looking for.
By the way do not fear weights. Many females say that they are afraid to hit the weights because they don't want to look manly. First off women don't have the same amount of hormones as men so they can't possibly look like a man. Secondly, if you could lift weights for a week and put on a lot of muscle then every man in American would have a great body. The truth is it takes years. Set short term goals in the mean time. And do not rely on the scale, rely on the mirror.

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