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Weight training and Cardio sessions

Posted by Eve Card on November 29, 19100 at 11:38:03:

In Reply to: Running in morning posted by Tom on November 28, 19100 at 19:56:21:

Running on empty stomach means you are getting energy primarily from the stored body fat and lesser from carboydrates or glycogen. Do not eat anything 2hrs after the workout session. This method is described in the book "Body for life -- Bill Philips" and also at

Glycogen in muscles is used more when you do high intensity anaerobic activities. Glycogen helps burn body fat.

Why combination of cardio & weight training session is bad?
1. If you do cardio first, your glycogen/energy reserves are depleted, so you cannot perform well while lifting weights.
2. When you lift weights for 1 hour, you need immediate rest and some workout recovery drink (typically 40gms protein and 40gms complex carbs) to avoid the over training syndrome and muscle catabolizing.

Put it this way: whats the goal of aerobic session? To burn body fat by cutting down calories. To gain muscles you need surplus calories! The best way to achieve both these goals is: get some calories from bodyfat. Do aerobic sessions when you are hungry.

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