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milk: pros & cons

Posted by cowboy on November 17, 19100 at 15:37:52:

In Reply to: How much milk a day? posted by AlphaIVt on November 17, 19100 at 15:17:33:

I heard too much milk can add too much sodium (5% DV per 240ml) causing water retention. That makes you look swollen or out of shape.

Too much milk also causes mucus formation and thickening of mucus thereby causing sinus congestion.

And of course lactose is hard to digest. May cause bloating or diarrhoea for some people.

On the positive side, milk is low glycemic index food, has good quality protein, is the best source of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium caseinate, the milk protein, is considered good for muscles (read in recent edition of Mens Fitness magazine).

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