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Losing weight 101

Posted by gjha on November 14, 19100 at 18:04:02:

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Just losing weight is so easy my friend. Assuming you are healthy female, without any kidney problems -- here are my suggestions.
Keep your protein intake high, carbohydrates medium and fat low. Follow 60-25-15 diet plan. If you weigh around 150lbs, the breakup of your 2000 calories intake should be as follows:
1200 calories from carbohydrates
500 calories from protein
300 calories from mostly unsaturated fat with essential fatty acids (safflower, olive, flaxseed, fish oil). If you choose to reduce your calories, you can lower carbs and fat in the above but not the protein.

Take 5-6 meals everyday (insert healthy snacks in between breakfast, lunch & dinner). Breakfast and dinner should consist of high protein. Eat majority of carbohydrates before evening. Drink 2gallons of cold water every day. Strict NO-NO to sucrose, fructose, soft drinks and food with added sugars. Fruits are alright because they contain fiber which delays release of sugar. Avoid saturated fat which is prevalent in animal food. Soy protein is great for females in particular. And there are many fat free soy protein powders in the market (Look at the GNC store Take plenty of anti-oxidants (Vitamin C, E, selenium) and calcium in your diet.

Do moderately heavy aerobics for 30-45minutes early in the morning at an empty stomach or take a light meal consisting of slow to digest protein (grilled turkey breast, skim milk or any low fat meat).

These two suggestions would help you lose weight.

In order to maintain this: you need to gain some muscle. Thats another topic!!!

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