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schuermanns disease and shmoral node (sp?)
Posted by arianne on November 11, 19100 at 21:53:07:

In Reply to: back ache posted by pozest on September 25, 19100 at 06:06:50:

Hello everyone:
I am 26 now. I was diagnosed when 21. i went to orthapedist for ever present back pain, mainly when waking in mornings. I couldn't get more than 4-5 hours of sleep without going to the toilet just to bend over and rest. Doctor x-rayed me then out of fear of bactrial infection of my spine, he ordered an MRI. The radiologist diagnosed me with Schuermanns with the schmoral nodes...in my lumbar region. I try and try anti-inflamitories, but with no luck, i too find that codeine based pain killers ( i take vicodin a few times a week, and once a day when mensturating) work best to forget that I have a back ( i always ache) I started Pilates 8 months ago, it helps though painful to stretch, but i figured the only way out of the pain is to strengthen abdominals, gently. we are all faced with muscular compensation for our weak area in our spine, but as far as I have heard it will not get worse since it happens when growing. I still hurt, bad sharp pains and i am always aware of my aching back. thank goodness for gentle relaxers like carsiprodol and sharp-pain killers like hydrocodone. people shouldn't hurt. i will start yoga soon and let anyone who cares know how it helps. I don't want anyone to hurt. take care

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