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body builder with a small frame

Posted by Anthony P on October 05, 19100 at 13:54:29:

Hi my name is Anthony, I'm 24 years of age and my current weight is 63kgs, I have been following a routine set out buy a respected gym instructor in my area for about a year now, each workout I push very hard with total focus my target weight is 72kgs. I have so far managed to put on some size on my upperbody but I have had no growth development with my forearms and biceps, the gains are extremely slow and frustrating I have now reached 66kgs but now the growth has stopped. I have a small frame which has given me very small forearms and upperarms I have seeked opinions on this problem but so far with no results, do you have some advice about forearm development ?, nobody seems to have much advice when it comes to small framed body's, I am determined to reach my target which I know is possible, but I need some advice to get there, I'm also trying to locate a body builder that had a small frame before they started, thinking they will have some great advice to share. Also do you have any advice on growth hormones? and do you think this could help my particular problem. Please I will be greatly appreciative of a reply

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