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i am a wieght lifter

Posted by casey on October 03, 19100 at 18:36:27:

In Reply to: lifting weights at age 15 posted by Todhunter on December 16, 1999 at 13:32:59:

hello i am 17 years old. i have been wieght lifting for 2 years. i wiegh 150 pounds. i have won the state amiture body building compotion 2 years in a row.

YES!!! there are some major problems with lifting to early. tell his coach to STOP. i have seen some major problems in other lifters with starting to early. the bones will grow incorrectly. Sometimes haveing a easier time braking them.
He is not done pubberty yet. His body is not producing all of his adult hormones. his muscles will not react correctly to hard lifting. His tendents are not strong enough yet to hold the development of his muscles. i have seen these problems first hand.
i only started lifting after i got word from the doctor that i was not growing anymore, and that my body was developed enough.
Instead of leting him lift have him READ. Read books about lifting. hes needs to learn how to lift and what lifting does to your body.

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