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Posted by Linda on September 26, 19100 at 04:40:39:

At 169 pounds i recently started to diet and start an exercise program for myself. After 2 weeks i have lost 5lbs and plan to loose another 31. However, i am not sure if i am doing enough exercise or the right exercise. I do a 30 minute fat burning aerobic tape 5 mornings a week and sometimes a double session at the weekend. After each work out i do 50 sit ups (started at 30 and have increased), 20 leg holds and 30 leg pushes. I have also started palying squash once a week for about 1 hour and i swim for 30 minutes at least once a week. I have a very fat and flabby tummy after having my two kids 10 years ago and need to do work on this area. Am i following the right exercise regime or can you recommend something else?

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