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leaning up- higher reps or higher weights?

Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on September 13, 19100 at 13:53:34:

In Reply to: Need info from a Certified Trainer please posted by Eric on September 08, 19100 at 16:07:21:

Unless your bodyfat is under 10%, you don't have too much muscle. Continuing your current program to add muscle will be the most effective way to get lean, in the long run.
Every time you try to "cut up" you will most definitely lose some muscle mass, no matter how perfectly you eat.
An important concept-
If you add one pound of muscle, and lose one pound of fat, you will lose size. One pound of muscle takes up a lot less space than one pound of muscle. If you want to get smaller, build some more muscle, and then be patient and wait for the fat to go away.
Don't try to lose the fat first; that slows metabolism, which is contrary to your long term goals.
Hang in there and get strong.

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