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strengthening wrists, shoulders, triceps

Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on August 30, 19100 at 04:06:05:

In Reply to: conditioning, muscle mass and fatigue posted by Kala on August 29, 19100 at 02:25:55:

Here are some suggestions:
(1) Pushups- use a wide variety of hand positions; some close to the body, some wide apart, some lower to the waist, some nearer the head.
(2) Jumping rope- not only will this improve your endurance, but it will also strengthen your wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, and everything from the waist down.
(3) PlayDoh- squeezing something like this whenever you can (at your desk, watching TV, etc.) will strengthen the muscles in your hands, wrist, and lower arm. If you want to buy something, get one of those grip machines.
How's that for simple?

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