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need help weightlifting

Posted by JHaimeck on August 18, 19100 at 10:23:43:

In Reply to: Need Help with weightlifting posted by BUDDY on July 25, 19100 at 10:49:58:

Buddy, Go slow with your program because of your age.Your are still growing. Most males mature at 21. When you lift, go slow, control the lift and breathe correctly. Most guys never breathe and hold their breath. You need oxygen to feed those muscles. I suggest a light weight about 75% of your body weigth for the bench press to start and then increase the weigth. Your arms if you have free weights, light weight and then increas weight with lower reps. If you want to see how strong you are, do some presses behing the neck. You will see how different it is to lift that way. Always use spotters when doing bench presses or squats and remember to keep your back straignt when doing a lift from the floor.
Those lower back muscles which stableize the spine can really hurt you and your trainning. Your diet. Your are still young and you can still matablize most foods quickly. Use some carbs in your diet and protine. This will help build bulk and keep to a routine.

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