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Butt excercises

Posted by Blaed Hutchinson on August 17, 19100 at 23:52:49:

In Reply to: o yea posted by Steve Wu on June 14, 19100 at 16:42:32:

Try doing standard "up-downs"

1.get on your hands and knees
2.remove your knees from the ground and lift your butt up as high as you can.
3.Proceed to slowly* descend your butt toward the ground without your thighs touching the floor.
4.slowly lift your butt into the air again and repeat step 3.
every time you butt reaches the step 3 position,it counts as "1".

This excercise is very good for your ass,stomach,arms,and legs. i'd recommend starting off with 50 day and increasing the number every week or so.
*(doing this excercise slowly makes it harder but your muscles develop quicker as a result)

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