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fat loss and surgery to remove loose skin

Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on August 09, 19100 at 05:02:42:

In Reply to: Weight Loss posted by Martina on August 09, 19100 at 02:46:05:

I hope you saw my response to your question on the "Diet/Supplement" forum.
I didn't answer your question about the need for surgery after the weight loss.
You are young enough for your skin to be pliable enough to recover. If you lose 12-20 pounds per year, your skin should easily accommodate the reduction of material behind it (fat). If you get in a hurry, and try to lose it quickly (which you can do at first), then your skin will have more trouble keeping up.
Do it the right way, and you'll have better long term results; both with keeping the fat off and with your skin tightening up.

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