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Torso Track - second post

Posted by SteveF on August 01, 19100 at 21:52:01:

In Reply to: torso track form posted by bobby on July 31, 19100 at 05:08:06:

Also, are you doing the exercise with your knees back far enough from the machine so your torso is getting down low to the machine when you're extended? If your knees are so close to the machine that you are hitting the end of the "track" or if you're taking short strokes then you're not getting as full a workout as you can get. If I put the knee pad right up close to the unit I hardly feel my there's any effort at all to do the exercise. I stay back just far enough so that I don't quite reach the end of the track when I am as low as my belly allows, and at that point it's mostly my gut and shoulders that make the return stroke. I don't have the instruction manual but it must go into this -- it's rather obvious anyway.

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