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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder

I'll give it a try

Posted by NT on August 01, 19100 at 10:45:38:

In Reply to: not eating makes you not hungry posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on July 31, 19100 at 19:18:31:

Thanks Mike for your response. I had noticed
that the times that I eat breakfast that I
was starving at lunch, but if I didn't
sometimes I still wouldn't be hungry. But what
you say makes perfect sense. I guess eating the
breakfast revs your metabolism and lets
it stay peaked till you eat again, which is
why you feel hungry faster? Because you
are in higher gear, burning what you ate, then needing more to stay peaked?
Does that also mean that in not eating breakfast, the low gear you start
off in that morning remains that way, metabolically, until
you fuel it again? I appreciate the response!

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