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stretch marks

Posted by Cathy on July 31, 19100 at 10:33:57:

In Reply to: stretch marks posted by Lauren on June 19, 19100 at 08:28:24:

Try vitamin e...the actual gel capsuls. Cut a hole in the end of it and spread it on the stretch marks...

It works really well on scars. My son had his appendix taken out last year (he is 9) and you can barely tell...we used vitamin e on him and it worked great. I had my fourth child via c-section about four monthes ago...I have been using vitamin e on my incision and you can barely tell I ever had a I think that there is a good chance that it would help...if they are big and red stretch marks...if they are not...I do not know. As someone with four children I can tell you that they do lighten and become less noticable.

I can also atest that where as we tie a lot of our self worth up in how we look...if some guy is not interested in you because of stretch marks...or the size of your breast...or any of the other reasons I have read on this board...he is not worthy of your time. And that is a fact!

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