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How can I jump higher?

Posted by Zac on July 08, 19100 at 18:42:53:

In Reply to: jump higher posted by Tim on June 18, 19100 at 21:15:40:

ok i have been looking and looking for ways to improve my jumping ability i have found a lot of ways from shoes to HALF squats
the way that works the best is BOTH i have increased my jumping by at least 10 INCHES!!! what i did was i bought a pair of shoes from
eastbay and did half squats with about 70 pounds i was told to do this by an olympic trainer. its not how much weight you can do!! i did that ever
other day of the week and on oppisite days i used strength shoes and jumped rope for about 30 mins a night.. it works good and don't be scared to take a
week off now and then to rest you don't want to hurt or pull anything!!!

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