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pushin' & pullin'

Posted by Push-Up Man on June 11, 19100 at 20:40:33:

In Reply to: Daily Push and Pull ups bad? posted by Jay on June 11, 19100 at 20:22:58:

Don't say i have heard of that swim machine, but when it comes to push ups and pull ups, i can answer your questions, though it sounds like you already have.

Yes. if you get too sore, take a day off. But you are better off to do as many push ups, pull ups and sit ups as you can daily,
only taking a day off here and there as needed since this is not weights or machine work.

sometimes take 2 days off, but surely don't stick to some 2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off strict routine for anything. Start basing your routine on how your body feels, grows and adjusts.

Keep on, keepin on.

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