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uneven chest development

Posted by CHESTer on June 05, 19100 at 08:07:59:

In Reply to: left pec is biger than right need answer to fixing this posted by Ron Gibbs on June 04, 19100 at 20:26:30:

no 2 bodies are alike, nor is one body completely symetrical to itself.
actually everyone has slight, usually unnoticable differences from one side of their body to the other.

the best advice is to maintain a strict, well rounded routine of lifting, and maintaining balance in both the workout and each individual set. ask someone to watch as you perform a bench press. are you moving the weight steadily and evenly? is there an imbalance of strength?
if strength is the problem too, then you will best be suited to work with a partner/trainer. use machines and freeweights; machines can be more easily adapted to working just one side, but this is a last resort and only if major strength differences exist.
be sure to work your shoulders and arms just as hard as your chest. be sure to do push-ups regularly, taking note to watch your form in a mirror and that your body is moving evenly.

over time, the size difference will be less noticable. we are all different and we tend to notice imperfections on ourselves more than others notice them on us.

keep pumpin!!!!

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