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increaseing your pectoral mass

Posted by Joseph King on June 04, 19100 at 20:18:14:

In Reply to: reality check posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on May 29, 19100 at 05:39:17:

I believe I have much better advice for you about your question than the last guy. You have just started bodybuilding, so it will take time to get a big chest like you want. It is true also that dumbell pullovers are the best thing for your rib cage. It takes time, but if you eat right and get enough protein you will be good to go. Heavy weights low reps for bulking up. Light weights high reps for cutting up. Also cables and machine exercises are cutting tools, but do create muscle. Free weights are best for size. If you want to increase your bench you have to train more than just your chest. Alot more muscles are involved than your pecs. You triceps, delts,and forearm are all used in chest workouts. When you do your bench press incline decline and flat bench, on your last set do as many reps as you can then have someone give you two forced reps. That is when you cant get the wight up on your own and you spotter helps just enough to give you two more reps. If you have a nutrition store you can go to, I suggest Myoplex protein it is the best you can get. Also multi-vitamin and mineral formula for the vitamins and minerals you man not get enough of from just food. It all takes time though, but this will help alot. I know a few exercises that are real good if you want me to explain them email me

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