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Hi! I'm interested in Bullworker!
Posted by Hannu on June 01, 19100 at 14:17:49:

I'm a Finnish guy, I live west of Helsinki, in case someone is interested :-) But anyway, I'm VERY interested in the Bullworker. I have the 2nd version of it, I think my father bought it back in the 70's. I'm 17 myself. The thing is, the (exercise) booklet that came with the machine is EXTREMELY convincing, to say the least. It keeps telling about those "magical" 7 seconds per muscle, 7 days a week, that should pump up the muscles miraculously. The booklet goes on about the isometric method, how it replaces all the trouble of normal work-out. It's terribly easy to start to believe that this is something REALLY big, something revolutionary. Well, what do you have to say about all this? In the 21st century, what can one say about the effects of the bullworker and the isometric training in general? I would really appreciate if someone could share their wisdom about Bullworker to me. By the way, are there any internet sites that contain Bullworker exercises? If there are, could somebody give me the adress(es)? Looking forward to that,
Hannu (the "yaksman")

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