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Hi, can anyone help with developing chest/ribcage?

Posted by Ben (UK) on May 28, 19100 at 13:45:58:

Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice on one particular aspect of my workout. I've just started weighttraining recently to build up my small frame a bit (im a 21yr old male, 5ft9 145-150lbs) - but the one thing im really after is increasing my chest size - and i dont just mean the pecs but my 'chest' area as a whole, as i have a naturally very small ribcage (more like a womans than a mans, my shoulders jut out) - ive heard people say that dumbell pullovers are the best for this, along with the obligatory bench presses? i currently do 3 sets of 12 bench press flat, followed by 3x12 incline - about 70lbs at the mo (Yeh! - i'm feeble...). Appreciate any help, thanks guys!

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