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increase max bench press

Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on May 28, 19100 at 04:57:26:

In Reply to: Bench press Routine posted by Mike on May 27, 19100 at 09:47:54:

It doesn't sound like you need much help to me!
Keep in mind that I'm the nutrition guy, but I'll offer what I can.
Your workout is the basic "pyramid" that is intended to develop strength over a larger number of repetitions. This is a great workout for stimulating the muscle to grow and get stronger, if you have adequate rest and the raw materials (protein) to rebuild.
My only workout recommendation would be to make sure that this workout is not done too often- once per week maybe, but certainly not more often than every other workout.
I'm sure that some trainers will weigh in on this topic.
As far as nutrition goes, I'll assume that you eat well. Adequate hydration helps ensure muscle strength of contraction. Have you used creatine? It is the most likely supplement to help you increase your maximum one rep lift.

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