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getting started

Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on May 16, 19100 at 04:05:40:

In Reply to: I sure appreciate any help posted by Cris on May 15, 19100 at 20:16:14:

You've made the first step. Don't worry about doing it the "right" way. Right now, the only mistake you can make is trying to do it all at once. Avoiding injury is your priority, while learning how to use resistance exercise.
Others in this forum will provide you with details of the what and how many.
I would like to prepare you for a couple of signs to watch. When you first start adding muscle, you will get BIGGER at first. Don't quit. You must build muscle before you can start to get smaller and firmer. Muscle is underneath fat. So, when you add muscle, you'll increase your size, temporarily. Look for this as a good sign.
Another area to watch; your new muscles won't be able to burn fat away, unless you do some longer aerobic activities. Walking around the neighborhood for twenty to thirty minutes is a good start.
There are two parts to your puzzle- building muscle, and using those muscles.
Good luck.

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