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Fat Burners

Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on April 22, 19100 at 05:18:23:

In Reply to: fat burners posted by Me Again on April 07, 19100 at 13:43:08:

Fat Burners should be divided into two categories; stimulant and other.
Most people think of the stimulant variety when they think of fat burners. These almost always contain ephedrine and caffeine. This combination is very effective at increasing exercise intensity in people with no underlying heart, blood pressure, or thyroid problems.
In the other category; lipotropics, fat blockers, sugar blockers, and pyruvate.
The most common "Fat Burner" products are actually "fat movers"- choline, inositol, and methionine. They simply help divert a little more blood fat out of the body than normal. They do not burn fat.
Fat blockers usually contain chitosan, a shellfish fiber that sweeps fat through the digestive tract, unused. SNS "Fat Trap" is in this category.
Sugar blockers contain an herb, gymnemna sylvestre, which lessens sweet cravings and helps prevent sugar absorbtion in the intestine. Included in this group is SNS "Sugar Stopper".
Pyruvate helps use fat more efficiently in extended exercise periods, especially below anaerobic threshold, in activities such as running and cycling. Sports-Rx "Pyruvate Stack" is an excellent example of this product.

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