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abs flatten and six pack help

Posted by Doug Thomas on March 27, 19100 at 15:39:10:

In Reply to: Stomach Toning. Get a nice and hard 6 pack stomach posted by Anton Gilman on December 10, 1999 at 14:46:53:

The best excercise for you is crunches as many as you can do or break them up. I do about ten thousand at a setting watching TV about 21/2 hours. You don't need to do that many but learn how to do them right, very how you do them also. I also use a stepper for an hour and then jog on my tread mill for an hour after the stepper. Seems like a lot but that'll do it believe me. You said you'd try anything. Now you really don't need to doas many as I do your still young and I am trying to set a record of 50,000 without stopping. I am 52 years old and bicycle everywhere.
Now that's another stomach fat burning excercise you can start and it's fun. I do about 50 miles a day when I'm training for 200 milers in the summer. I always loose weight then. If I can do it surely you can get the abs you want. P.S. eat lots of vegetables raw mostly. see ya dude

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