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Posted by Jonathan on March 11, 19100 at 08:57:27:

In Reply to: benchpress posted by dogsdad on March 08, 19100 at 20:22:43:

Well, thank you for your reply dogsdad... now i am sort of getting how these exercises
should like...
My other questions... How do you do your chest routines...
1>.Can you tell me... the weight you use in each hand (how many pounds)when you are warming up? How many reps and sets?
2>.After warming up, which chest routine you do first? (fly or incline or regular or decline) and what is the weight in EACH HAND? How many reps and sets?
Can you tell me the sequence of your exercise?
3>.Are you using the purvis pec bar while you do these routines?

Well... OK thennn...
Thank's a lot dogsdad...

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