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yo luv handles, bab -e

Posted by Master Of Abs on February 26, 19100 at 21:01:40:

In Reply to: Getting rid of those love handles. posted by Jake on February 26, 19100 at 20:05:02:

hey, me too.

but what i did wuz to make sure NOT to
start building the muscle there by doing side bends
(yuv seen it; arm behind the head, pulling a weight
from the opposite side u r bending).

this is where u and me are simular, the
big place our extra weight shows is the sides. though
they are called love handles, we don't luv 'em!

so, we have to concentrate on cardio and
endurance walking or jogging, biking and swimming,
hiking and kayaking.

then, slowly over time, they go down,
start to look more symetrical. it won't
happen overnite, but it will happen.

oh yea, drink less beer, eat less chips and ice cream and
start to cook more of your own food!

we're in this together!!!! keep it up!!!

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