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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder


Posted by phil teeng on January 27, 19100 at 18:38:34:

In Reply to: Bowflex or Noflex posted by Doug Markwith on April 08, 1999 at 17:06:10:

I just recenntly bought a Bowflex, I loofed around quite a while in deciding what to get for the house. The important thing to remember is what do you want it for, what is the realistic results you can expect from working out.
I have been involved in competitive athletics all my life(I played division 1 tennis ran track, and played football, I have a 3rd degree Blabk sash in kung fu and own my own school, and I'm curently involved in adventure racing).The one constant that has remained in all my participation and work out in athletics has been,that working out is much better than not. The debate is not whether free wts or resistance trainning is better, but working your muscle and your cardio system is better. In my opinion resistance trainning is just as good as free wts. because you are working your muscles. your muscles adapt and strengthen it self when you load it and break it down. The key is to develope a good consistant workout. As far as looking like a body builder a good part of it has to do with genetics, and what you want to develop your muscle to do. Bulk, or efficiency, or speed, or power.
your diet, and cardio exercise and lifestyle is also a major contribution.
The bottom line is the bowflex will do it's job, it's just the user has do theirs.

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