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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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  • walking not working my tummy what will?.


    1.) my name is melissa. i am consistently walking and watching my food but i want to know how to lose my tummy it seems impossible....walking is not working my tummy what will?

    please write back soon melissa

    2.) Hey I just visited your website and I would like advice. I have recently started doing some toning and fast walking but i am having trouble toning up my lower abs....any advice ?

    thanks crissy


    Excellent that you both have been walking for regular activity!

    Walking is generally under-rated as an activity or transportation method. Walking and using stairways, parking anywhere because a little extra steps really is OK, cruising the sidewalk with friends or family while chatting...all offer much more than exercise, they make you healthy. When you add in being careful not to overload on any single food and eat more fruit & vegetables with less meat & dairy, the physical benefits happen a little faster.

    As far as toning up the abs, walking may fall a little short. Having great looking abs takes a dedicated effort of muscle training as well as enough cardio work to use up extra stored energy (calories). Here are some suggestions:

    1. How much/many Cardio Workouts should I do?
    2. Beginners up to 4-5 months should begin at 30 min and build to 45 min. increasingly 3-5 times each week.
      The rest of us need to spend 60 minutes 6 days each week.
    3. Will walking alone burn enough calories to show my abs?
    4. No, that would be rare. We need to do a variety of exercises each week, some should be hard enough to make you sweat for at least 30 minutes several times each week. In addition, abs need special training to become noticeable and are often improved by weight training as well.
    5. How long does it take for my abs to show?
    6. Realistically, for some who do all the right things (mentioned above) and continually try to challenge themselves with newer and possibly more intense routines it may take years depending on where you are when you start. Don't expect big changes over just a few months of work...just keep at it and the improvements slowly form themselves on your body over time. The longer it takes, the longer it lasts!
    7. TV, Magazines & Radio tell me some products make this happen fast.
    8. Don't believe the hype....any product mentioned in media pays the bills for the broadcast time or print costs. Over the years advertisers figured out everyone wants a flat stomach today, not tomorrow, so for you to buy their product over others, theirs must work faster & better. It's that simple.

    That's it for this time,

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    Good Luck & Keep it Up!

    Darren Rieck

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