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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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  • I recently quit smoking and started an exercise.

    Sharon, From: Oregon :

    I recently quit smoking and started an exercise program. Initially it was to prevent any weight gain from kicking the smoke habit. Within my first week working out on my own at the gym I began to enjoy it and my goal has changed from maintenance to overall improvement of my body and health. Herein lies my question. I set up a weight training program with a trainer as well as 40 minutes of cardio. I have reduced my calorie intake and eliminated certain items such as my daily sodas. I have been working out in earnest daily for 2 weeks.

    What is a realistic time frame in which I can hope to see results? Others say they see them already but I am skeptical. I am afraid I will lose my motivation if obvious improvemtnt is too far in the future.

    Congratulations on quitting smoking and starting an exercise program!

    You're already successful. In general, you will see strength gains in a couple of weeks, improved cardio endurance by 6 weeks, and improvements in body composition by 12 weeks. These vary by individual genetics and fitness program quality. It may be a matter of months or more likely years before you achieve the body comp you want. Then you have to keep working out to maintain it. Other benefits, such as improved ability to handle stress and enhanced self-esteem are there for most people but hard to measure. And the most important benefits of exercise you may not "see" at all, as it contributes to the absence of heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, and other conditions. Take a long-term view. You won't be sorry.

    That's it for this time,

    By: Joann Bally

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