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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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  • no motivation & many cravings for food .

    Hey Darren,

    This might not get answered but I will try! I have no motivation and so many cravings for food that is not good for me. Sometimes I get into this " I have to eat great and I will go out and get lots of fruit and veggies but that will last for 1 meal and then I get bored. Also my friends wedding is coming up in 4 weeks and I would love to look great how do I eat great and loose weight fast please help me !

    Thank you Shannon

    Hello Shannon:

    Believe me, if I could truly answer what is motivation I would have solved one of life’s most imposing issues. What I do know however, is that everyone is motivated...and in your case, the motivation seams to be toward eating what tastes good, not necessarily what is good for you.

    That being said, you may want to concentrate on your fitness which involves being more active...then you can virtually eat anything you want without weight gain and that may get you into a new pattern of motivation that prompts improvements in your diet. Also, over time you can break food cravings, but remember that I said "over time" because this is a long-term objective that requires real motivation that stems from something you apparently have not found yet.

    "Eating great" is simply eating a variety of foods that include fresh fruit & vegetables, lower fat, less meat & dairy. Start increasing your physical activities during the day and you will start to lose weight...add improved food choices and you speed up the process. As far as looking great in 4 weeks, that depends on:

    -what you consider is "looking great"
    -how far away from this you are currently
    -the amount of activity you perform each week
    -how hard you exercise during these activities
    -and how many improvements you make in your diet.

    It's a lot easier to be motivated when you already feel good about what you are doing for your health, and the feeling is very catchy! So start making improvements each day to get the process underway!

    That's it for this time,

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    Good Luck & Keep it Up!

    Darren Rieck

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