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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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  • What would you suggest for someone who, despite following a srict.

    Steve From: U.K. :

    What would you suggest for someone who, despite following a srict excercise regimen combining aerobic s and weights, has made no gains in 7mnths and has lost non of the excess weight he is lugging about 'round his middle?

    Regarding your exercise routine, since you have not given much of an outline of its content, it is difficult to determine why you are not making progress after seven months. However, an educated guess might be that your body has adjusted to the stress you have imposed upon it with your current routine. Exercise, both weight training and aerobics are regarded by the body as stress. It will react to its imposition by adapting to it. Weights will make the muscles grow stronger, more efficient, and sometimes bigger. Aerobics will develop efficiency in the heart and lungs, and the blood transport system. Once the body has adapted to the stress, it stops reacting and stays at that level of fitness.

    Unless a new, or more intense stress is imposed, no further improvement will occur. This new stress doesn't have to be excessive to be effective. A five pound increment on a lift or five minutes on a run, for example, can help to jump start a stale routine. As far as extra weight being carried, remember that bodyfat loss still works on a simple equation. That is, if you burn more calories in a day than you ingest, you will lose weight. It may be that your activity level is equaling your calorie intake ultimately creating no change in that roll around the waist.

    Finally, one way to wake up your body is to consider changing your workout to shake your body out of the doldrums. We are in the process of developing fitness programs that are designed for all sorts of goals. We will also be supporting them with customized training advice. Please stay tuned for them.

    That's it for this time,

    By: Larry Pazdra -CSCS

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