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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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  • burn more fat in higher temperatures.

    I have two questions that I hope you can answer for me. Do you burn more fat if you work out in a higher temperature? So, if you jog for one hour when it's 100 degrees hot outside, compared to if you jog the same distance when it's 60 degrees outside. Obviously you sweat more when it's hotter, but does that mean that you also burn more?

    My second question is if you burn more fat if you jog for one hour, compared to if you walk relatively fast for one hour?

    Thanks, Stefan

    Hello Stefan:

    Higher temperatures are currently invading the Western US and may be a sign of a hot summer all around. Working out in the heat (and humidity) brings on important considerations for active people. Exercising outdoors offers the most rewarding benefits of being active, but the heat/humidity must be considered especially for those who are not currently in good physical condition.

    Burning More Calories When it is Hot Outside?

    Yes, if your workouts are consistent in length and intensity.

    Sweating is part of your excretion & cooling process and when you work out more body fluids leave including water and electrolytes; increased oxygen uptake & breathing rates are experienced while blood flow through the body works to accommodate the whole process. As temperatures increase, so too does the rates of these processes based on the increased demands. The result is increased sweat and quicker fatigue. If you can work out for the same amount of time under these conditions, you will burn more calories and use more body fat for energy.

    Walking vs jogging

    The amount of fat burned during an exercise is based on several factors, but the amount of calories used is easier to explain. Fast walking compared to jogging to lose weight is based on the amount of energy expensed (how hard are you working out?). Some people fast walk very fast and move there upper bodies a great deal while some people jog slowly and don't include much upper body movement. Sweating is a good indication to gauge your intensity level and if you are sweating more while jogging vs walking, then you are using more calories.

    Avoid heat related exercising issues, remember these hints:
    -Drink (bring) plenty of water.
    -Try to exercise earlier or later in the day.
    -Wear a hat or visor.
    -Use plenty of sun block.
    -Stop if you feel pain, short of breath or other heat/fatigue related sign.

    That's it for this time,

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    Good Luck & Keep it Up!

    Darren Rieck

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