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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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  • exercise activity after surgery .

    let me give you a little background on me....I'm 6'3'', currently weigh 322. As of 3 years ago I was down at 260 and keeping pretty steady....then all he!! broke lose....I broke my ankle, had surgery, and was on crutches for several months. my doc would not let me exercise at all. a year after that I had a second surgery to remove the plate and screws. needless to say when all was said and done I had packed on quite a few pounds.

    I started working out in July.....body fat is down 11% so far from 33% to 22%, so I'm happy about that, but still have a long way to go to get back down to 260.

    Thanks, Jeff

    Hello Jeff;

    I can't talk with your doctor to find out why you were not swimming (or doing water therapy) immediately after surgery or why exercise alternatives were not brought up while you were on crutches, but suffice it to say most doctors avoid giving fitness advice as much from lack of knowledge as avoiding possible malpractice. I have written several health/fitness articles concerning injuries that may help if you have future incidents.

    Your current situation is very positive as you are making progress towards being more active, but don't rush. It took several years to get out of shape and your body will fight to maintain as it has adjusted to your larger size. Consider making your body shape improvements a life-long project, that you have the rest of your life to continue to evolve towards your goals. It makes the whole process of losing weight much easier.

    In addition, keep weight training several times each week, making sure to do complete body workouts. Your concentration however, should be on increasing cardiovascular exercises that make you sweat (treadmill, bike, jog, walk, swim...etc.). People have actually told me that they don't ever sweat...my reply; "then you just aren't working hard enough!"

    What you do today will not show for 3 weeks or longer. As for body fat testing, it is relatively worthless. Look in the mirror 1/each week or less, check for clothes fitting changes and see the results...Feel the results of changing into a more healthy/active lifestyle. Now that's motivation!

    That's it for this time,

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    Good Luck & Keep it Up!

    Darren Rieck

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